Interactions & Spaces


UX/UI, Product,Speculative Design

Tribeca Interactive CoLab Detroit

[Tech] Adobe Premier, Physical model making, Crafting, Swift

Collaborators  Ash Arder( Detroit based artist), Ivaylo Getov(Blackbox), David Schümudde(Film director, Programmer)

Publication  Tribeca Film Festival Interactive Showcase 2016
Showcased  Tribeca Interactive,  Nov 2016, Detroit, Michigan 


Musical soundscape experience generated by a vinyl record made from plant-based material.

A sound-responsive phone application allows users to enhance the audio experience with a stream of visuals correlating in real-time with the audio.

 This layered journey celebrates George Washington Carver's impact on materials science and engineering and the time he spent in Detroit developing plant-based products for Ford Motor Co. Through both content and application (theory and practice), PlantBased Detroit explores the role of sound and music in fortifying the relationship between people, plants and place. This experience supports the Plantalogue movement to elevate the restorative power of music through media that doesn't destroy the planet.

* The TFI Interactive Co/Lab is a community lab is based on collaboration, exchange, and community building. The goal of this lab was to create a collaboration between Detroit local artists with designers and technologist to bring ideas related to local community into life.This lab was meant to mold the thought process, challenge it, and propose new ways of seeing and telling stories.