Interactions & Spaces
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Interactive Story Telling, Urban Exploration, Drone, Archive, UX/UI

[Tech]: Drone DJI Phantom 3, Sketchfab, Adobe Premier

Collaborators: Cecilia Giorcelli, Taylor Rodriguez and Carlotta Aoun

Publication Online
Showcased  NYC Medialab Demo- 2016

Grossinger’s 3rd Dimension is a project that explores the concept of archiving as an interactive platform.

Different forms of documentation are captured with a drone (DJI Inspire 1) and recollected in the website. Photography, video, 3D scanning and VR are offered as different ways to experience the decaying site.

Documenting and archiving the life of urban spaces, particularly buildings, has been and interest point of different professions such as architects, artists and urban explorers. These documentations took form as sketches, architectural drawings, photographs and videos. Throughout the past century, these forms of representation have also been used as tools of documentation to engage architects, historians and the general public in a dialogue with objects and buildings from the past.
As we are moving more into digital documentation of urban spaces and buildings these videos and photographs are a great source of reviewing gradual change of particular sites and spaces. Yet many of these buildings or urban spaces have turned to ruins or have been demolished as the result of different external environmental conditions. In particular, parts of those spaces and buildings cannot be accessible anymore because the of poor architectural and structural conditions. We find a particular character and beauty in the decay of our modern urban landscapes. As of now, documentation has been mainly focused on keeping the memory of the place with all the components that gave life to it. We want to bring another element to the archival structure by remembering the decaying process of abandoned sites.