Interactions & Spaces


Fabrication,C.N.C milling


[Tech]: grasshopper, rhino, rhinocam, autocad


The term “ Horror Vacui” as expressed by Aristole suggests a deep natural principal of the world. Emptiness does not come natural to the world. The world fills itself up with stuff. It creates things, often with an excessive exuberance, minute in detail and vast in its expansion.

Figure and architecture have been in a mutually intertwined relationship since the beginning of cultural produce on. Autonomous artistic c expression has a long tradition within architecture with a range that has oscillated from the figural to the allegorical and to the abstract. Even in modernism, the outward and explicit removal of any “ decor” created a direct correlate to minimal modernist painting. 

In art Horror Vacui has often an intimation of the pathological. Manic, compulsive minds in overdrive creating excessive articulations beyond reason and often comprehension, Yet, this ”going beyond”, is precisely where its fascination lies. 

Crafting:  High density foam with 1/4” square and 3/8” rounded bits