Interactions & Spaces
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Speculative Design,Multimedia[on going]

[Tech]: Rhino, Adobe Premier, Unity 3D


Showcased Major Major `15



Living in the age of Anthropocene the city structure, both in macro and micro scale would suggest a new way of living. Now at the age of cannibalism and Anthropocene, nature is faded away. It has become a fog. We are left with the bi-products and junk yardsof our leftovers and production as the result of the dangerous perilous consumerism.

Tale of the recursive city is an on going cli-fi narrative, experimenting with the aesthetics of displacement in different mediums.

 The final imaginary city is lost in the dimension of the space. This City is a junkyard, floating in the world of bits and data that might be save in a strain of a DNA.


Project Mechanism

This Imaginary City is a closed system (yet it could be a plug- in city), that takes all disposed objects from the outside world and turn them into artifacts. The inhabitants are nomads who recycle organic and non- organic materials. They bring everything from the outside world to inside city, sort them, re-produce and archive them. 

These nomads sort objects in their courtyards and feed their pigs in their systemized pig farms next to their living units, and then sell part of their crafts to the outside world and keep the most valuable and invaluable crafts on the shelves that surround their spongy world. The living units and sorting yards are located on one level above the ground. The ground level is where queers have their shops, and produce all the crafts. The organic disposed objects would be given to the pigs living in the organized and systematic pig farms above the ground level.

There are poets, gleaners, flaneurs, queers, mothers, fathers, children, pigeons, rats, pigs and some other creatures. 

The wall which is surrounding the city is not dead. A new form of life will grow inside and outside the wall. That wall in the next generation would become the peripheral of the inner and outer world.These nine cities act as a production and sorting system surrounded by an Archival Wall. 

* The idea of fragmentation was the main concept of this project. As part of immigration one can not bring his/ her belongings with himself/herself. Leaving memories behind, the caused distress turns itself into the sense of nostalgia and solastagia. As part of the research I looked into  different notions of fragmentations, storage and narrative systems. Later I looked in to some existing nomadic life structures in the Middle East forming this closed system habitat.